5 Sources To Write Blog Posts On Trending Topics

5 Sources To Write Blog Posts On Trending Topics

In this post you will learn about 5 Sources To Write Blog Posts On Trending Topics. Read this below article carefully and understand this to put impact in real life.


In this lesson you will learn about 5 Sources To Write Blog Posts On Trending Topics. Read carefully this topic to know Sources To Write Blog Posts On Trending Topics that can help you increase your blog content.

1- Medium

Medium is another fantastic site in your business to locate trend material. Medium is a free publishing platform for content. It’s a wonderful place to locate some really exceptional bits of information. You may browse for some popular blog articles on the site and select those you want to write. You may login, create and use Medium on your PC or download your mobile application. You may use the platform to follow people and categories. You will see the newest news in your feed once you do. “Popular on media” is another aspect to be examined.

2- Buzzsumo

Many pieces of material are frequently disseminated on the channels of social media. These items are distinctive and precious, making them unique. To learn more about what is going well you have to take these ingredients. Buzzsumo is a programme that helps you to locate the most socially traded specialised parts. Enter a sample theme or keywords, and the URLs of all those articles and their numbers of shares are available for platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn etc.

3- Reddit

It might not be as popular but certainly quite valuable in some places. Reddit is one of these communities who can help you locate some rather fascinating stuff for your next blog article. You can see material in accordance with the community’s freshness and popularity. Look for the corresponding sub-examination of specialised discussions. Tabs like hot, growing and new are available to search for trends. Reddit is not a typical site for researching your material, but it is worth exploring.

4- Pocket

Pocket is a must-have content marketing application. The main benefit is that you may store and refer to your favourite articles anytime or anyplace. Recently, the app comes with the “Explorer” page, where you may input any terms in the specialty and locate the material you save with Pocket. This is an excellent method to locate popular Pocket stuff. The “Trending,” “Recommended” and “Must reads” categories of the Pocket app are very helpful.

5- Feedly

Feedly is an excellent tool to investigate trends. This tool lets you follow with just one click some of the top blogs in your niche. By selecting a category, you can simply search for the appropriate articles. Just sign up for your feed and get the newest in your Feedly dashboard. Feedly is a desktop and mobile freemium app.

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