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What is Amz ?

Amz – represent amazon or short sort of Amazon

What is FBA ?

FBA – stand for Fulfillment by Amazon . It means amazon will receive, pack and deliver the order on your behalf. You will get an email from amazon that we are shipping on your behalf. In this case you just have to send your inventory to amazon warehouse and rest of the work will be done by amazon.

What is FBA wholesale ?

FBA wholesale during this you’ve got to sell someone else’s brand. I mean you’ve got to finalize a brand, then you’re taking the wholesale account of that brand, then you attend an inventory create” mee too” simple list and you start your sale.

As it is clearly know it is fulfillment by amazon but in wholesale type. in this business you’ll use already established brand and you don’t got to buy UPC or EAN. you will just buy products from a reputed brand like Nike, adidas, etc. and do a me-too from already selling listing. you have to provide invoices and permission from the brand that you can sell.

Budget required to strat this business ( minimum 3k$ invest/ profit margin = 500-600 $ )

What is FBA private label (FBA PL)?

FBA Private Label .(FBA PL) All you have to do is sell your brand on Amazon. Just make your product from China under your name then you’ll ship this inventory from China to the country during which you would like to sell.

Budget required to start out this business… 1) FBA PL you would like minimum 15k$

Recommended Categories:

· Arts , Craft and Sewing.

· Baby

· Home and Kitchen

· Kitchen and Dining

· Industrial and Scientific

· Office Products

· Patio Lawn and Garden

· Pet Supplies

· Sports and Outdoors

· Tools and Hardware

· Toys and Games

· Health & Households

What is sourcing & logistics?

Once your product gets approved you enter in sourcing stage. Sourcing is getting your products from the manufacturer to the amazon warehouse.

What is patent check ?

If your product is under utility patent leave that product and back to Product hunting, if under design patent we can make little tweaks in design 40% to 60% and go for it. Spend no more than 100$ on patent check. Budget required to patetnt check (100$)

What is FBM & MFN ?

FBM or MFN – represent ( fulfillment by merchant). Its opposite of FBA. In FBM you’ll receive an order but you pack and ship by yourself or the other company or person on your behalf. In this case you keep your inventory in your designated warehouse but not in amazon warehouse.

What is VA ?

VA – stand for virtual assistant – VA is a person who handles your account from a remote location. He/she can have limited access to your account. He can perform all the tasks or few of the tasks on your behalf. He/she may be a one that have knowledge enough to know the system but dont have enough resources to start out his/her own business. So VA offer services against a hard and fast salary or commission depending upon mutual understanding…

What is UPC ?

UPC –stand for Universal product code. it is a unique code against every product of you if you are doing private label. it is 13 digit code you purchase it from different websites you’ll get certificate also that this company or brand purchased this UPC. most commonly used in North American region.

What is EAN ?

EAN – stand for European Article Number. its almost an equivalent as UPC but in europe you’ve got to use EAN rather than UPC. this is also to identify your product.

What is SKU ?

SKU –stand for Stock Keeping Unit – this term use to spot different variations of your product. suppose you are selling a knife and you have 5 different sizes of your knife, 6 inch, 8 inch, 10 inch, 12 inch, 15 inch. and how amazon otherwise you will differentiate that somebody wants an 8 inch or 15 inch knife. so you will create an SKU against each variation. Simple words sku means nick name

What is amazon id (seller central account)?

Seller Central – this is often the most seller account of amazon where you’ll list your products for selling. you can only access this when you will open amazon account into one of the marketplace.

Deposit method ?

Deposit Method – when you will open an account into amazon you will have to provide a bank account where deposits will come from amazon. when you will sell your products amazon can pay after 2 weeks into your deposit method account.

How much does Amazon charge when we create a seller account?

Charge Method – Amazon will charge 40 $ every month for opening a professional account. whenever you open a business or professional account you will be charged every month doesn’t matter you sell or not. the charge method are going to be an equivalent name account you’re using for opening your amazon account.

What is listings ?

Listing – To sell on amazon you need some pictures, a title, bulletpoints & description. all together it is called listing. when ever we say listing optimization it means arranging any one of these in order according to amazon algorithm. The higher the listing optimize the upper chances of getting sales.

What is dummy listings ?

This is 30-40% completed listing, use when we are in the process to reached our inventory to Amazon warehouse. FBM dummy listing is active. But FBM dummy listing active once we rached out inventory within the ware house of the Amazon. Generally, dummy means fake. But in Amazon we use consider half, inactive, half completed inventory. We also send Amazon message in different timing to sure they don’t required certificate. Also have other advantages, we can konw abot the faults of our product before inventory reach on the warehouse of Amazon. We write title, description, put images and bullent points with time to time. When we final the title, then we put the title. When we final the bulliot point, then we put the bulliot point…

What is child account ?

Child Account – When you will open an account in seller center that is your main account. if you want to give access to your VA or someone else you have to create a child account or sub account within your main account. you can create as many child accounts as you want. For child account you dont got to use VPS or VPN to access. you can make child account into setting and manage permissions.

What is VPS & VPN ?

VPS or VPN – represent Virtual private server, you’ve got to shop for VPN or VPS to access your main account outside of the country during which your account is registered. if your account is registered in USA you need USA based VPN or VPS to access your main account. if you’ll open your main account without using VPN or VPS outside of USA like in Pakistan or UAE, Amazon will detect your IP and may suspend your account.

What is ASIN ?

ASIN – represent Amazon Standard number , its a singular number against your listing where amazon give every listing an ASIN. Amazon recognize your listing with your ASIN and every listing have different ASIN. Under one ASIN can be different SKU.

What is BSR ?

BSR –stand for trade book Rank, Amazon will offer you a BSR against your ASIN in every category. the higher the BSR the lowest your performance the lower the BSR the highest your performance in sales. for example, if your BSR is 140,687 and your competitor BSR is 8341, it means your competitor sales are much more higher than you.

What is JS Tool ?

JS –stand for Jungle Scout, it is a software to evaluate and check different items in amazon. you will have JS web & JS extension. mostly people use this to hunt product on amazon. though its not only limited to hunting.

What is helium 10 Tool ?

H10 –stand for Helium 10, same like JS it’s also a software where you’ll evaluate the merchandise also the listing and keyword research.

What is VL tool ?

VL – Viral Launch, again this software like others are using to check either your desired category or product performing good, bad and what is the history about this product, is this a season product or evergreen.

What is PPC ?

PPC – represent (Pay Per Click), if you would like to advertise on amazon you’ve got to use PPC. this is the only method to do marketing of your product on amazon. and also the backbone of your product success after product itself.

What is ACOS ?

ACoS = stand for “Advertising Cost of Sales”

It belongs to the efficiency of your advertising campaign and keywords.

In simple words, Total budget spent against your sales, called ACOS.

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