Create Car Rental System in Python using Django with Full Source Code


In this post you will learn about Create Car Rental System in Python using Django with Full Source Code. Read this below article carefully and understand this to put impact in real life.

A basic project based on a car rental system written in Python and built using the Django framework. The idea for a car rental system that follows has fewer but crucial features. It offers a number of critical capabilities, including as user authentication and permission management, that may be utilized in first-year IT projects as well as in professional settings to master and control the flow of the auto rental system. The principle of this system and web application is completely apparent. It is similar to real-life events and is properly executed. To download any web apps or source code files relating to our topics, please scroll down to the bottom of this article for download links and further information.

Moving on to the Python project Django automobile rental system, there are two primary areas to present consumers and dealers. There is also a list of all available automobiles with their names, colours, and addresses. The consumer panel is where one may quickly register and utilize the system step-by-step based on an online overview of how it works. And, while looking for a car to hire in a city, one must consider how many seats there are and how many days he or she needs it for. Once this is completed, the user may simply select a car from the search results that are within his or her financial constraints. They must then return to see their order once they have ordered the automobile, along with dealer information such as data such as their email address and telephone number – this is when an order will be confirmed so that any modifications may be made if necessary!

Available Features of Car Rental System

  • Customer Panel
  • Car Dealer Panel
  • Search Rental Cars
  • Manage Orders
  • Manage Rental Cars
  • Earnings History
  • Sales History

How To Run This Car Rental System?

Download/Install the following

  • MySQL Server, you can also use XAMPP or WAMP
  • Python (I used v3.9.1)
  • PIP (for python modules installation)


  1. Download and Extract the provided source code zip file. (download button is located below)
  2. In your MySQL Server, create a new database naming ocrsdjango.
  3. Open your Terminal/Command Prompt window. (make sure to add “python” and “pip” in your environment variables)
  4. Change the working directory to the extracted source code folder. i.e. cd C:\Users\Personal-23\Desktop\Car_Rental-Django
  5. Run the following commands:
    • pip install -r requirements.txt
    • python migrate
    • python runserver
  6. Keep the terminals open and running.
  7. Open web browser and browse http://localhost:8000/ or

Demo Video


Final Words

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