Create Virtual Piano App With JavaScript  Source Code


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A straightforward online application written in the JavaScript programming language is called the Virtual Piano App. This project includes a simple coding script that illustrates how the program actually works. The application is made of buttons and backdrop color. A project that can play piano sounds remotely is this Virtual Piano App. Students who enjoy playing the piano may eventually benefit from this. You may learn new coding strategies for JavaScript programming using this virtual piano JavaScript application.

Simply read the text below for additional information to obtain the Virtual Piano App in JavaScript for free. This program is exclusively intended for educational use.

Virtual Piano App in JavaScript Free Source Code Basic Information

  • The language used: JavaScript
  • Front-end used: HTML & CSS
  • Coding Tool used: Notepad++ or any text editor that can run html files
  • Type: Web Application
  • The database used: None

About Virtual Piano App

The JavaScript programming language was used to create the Virtual Piano App. This program is user-friendly and easily adaptable to utilize in your current working tasks. The program has a straightforward feature that reproduces the piano’s true sound. The player has complete control over how to interact with the virtual piano’s sound. The sound volume may also be altered by the user. Try to perform your work and let your musical skills grow.

Virtual Piano App in JavaScript Free Source Code Features

  • Basic GUI
    • The project contains Images and Button Elements.
  • Basic Functions
    • This project uses a basic function to manipulate the inputted data.
  • User-friendly Interface
    • This project was designed in a simple user-friendly interface web application.

Virtual Piano App in JavaScript Free Source Code Installation Guide

  1. Download the source code on this site.
  2. Locate and Extract the zip file.
  3. Open the extracted folder
  4. Find and locate the file “index.html”.
  5. Open the file in a web browser(Chrome, Firefox, etc..).

That is it; JavaScript was used to develop the fully working Virtual Piano App. I really hope that this initiative will lead you to the answer you seek. Coding is fun!

Please click the download button below to start the download process for the Virtual Piano JavaScript App.

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