Daraz Best Seller Tips for Beginners

Daraz Best Seller Tips for Beginners

In this post you will learn about Daraz Best Seller Tips for Beginners. Read this below article carefully and understand this to put impact in real life.

Steps to follow:

1. Try to avoid high competitive Products. Because Daraz traffic is only limited up to top three spots. Even if you’re ranked on 6-10th spot you’ll not get the organic orders or the amount will be very less.

2. Explore new products. Try those products which are available on Daraz but where never ranked.

3. If you’re doing sourcing from local market, never buy 300-500 units inventory at starting stage. Because we don’t have any tools available for Daraz right now. Buy 50-100 Units at staring Phase, so if the product doesn’t go well you can easily switch the product.

4. If your product is ranked and not getting organic orders, try to change the images or do proper SEO listing optimization.

5. Drive traffic through Facebook and Insta by running ads with a lower budget. Facebook traffic is way more than Daraz.

6. Try Influencer marketing. Tick tock seems to be cringe. But it’s an amazing platform for Promotion. We can get influencers in very low price than those available on Insta.

7. OR Hire a Ticktocker to use the product and post a review. Use that video on FB and sponsor it on your page.

8. For VVROs, Use vouchers to rank your products or do Triangular reviews. Never send an empty parcel during triangular reviews. Many people are doing it nowadays that is very unethical thing to do.

What are Triangular Reviews?

Suppose I’m selling a gaming mouse 7-10k worth, everyone knows gaming mouse’s are very expensive, so what we will do is;

“We’ll arrange some people from our circle. They’ll place an order. We’ll send them something cheaper item than the actual item, like a 100rs mouse. By doing this method we save our item cost and our ranking, reviews get better”.

Final Words

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