Deshaun Watson and the Browns will play the Ravens in a scheduled game in 2022.

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In Week 15 of the 2022 season, the Baltimore Ravens are scheduled to play Deshaun Watson and the Cleveland Browns in what should be an exciting contest.
Following news of Watsons updated 11-game suspension, the Ravens wont play Watson in Week 7 at home but will square off against the controversial quarterback in Cleveland in December. The ultimate decision on Watson follows an interim finding that punished him for only six games, despite the fact that many league observers had hoped for a term of at least a year.
Deshaun Watson won’t be playing in M&T Bank Stadium against Baltimore, but Ravens supporters will be sure to watch a thrilling matchup between Lamar Jackson and Watson at the end of the year. Week 15 of 2022 will see the Ravens take on Deshaun Watson’s Browns.
With Watson throwing for nearly 5000 yards two seasons ago and Jackson winning MVP for his 2019 record-breaking season, Jackson and Watson are two of the league’s most gifted black quarterbacks on paper. Watson has been nothing but controversial in recent years, but Jackson has proven to be a true member of the Ravens franchise and could be seen as a more respectable team leader.
Football since 2020 With the Ravens’ defense ready to handle business against an untouched quarterback, Jackson looks to wreck the Browns’ high school and win over the widely despised Cleveland team…

Deshaun Watson, the quarterback for the Cleveland Browns, and the NFL have officially struck an agreement. This was announced on Thursday afternoon. In accordance with the deal, Watson will miss the first 11 games of the 2022 season and pay a $5 million fine.

This comes weeks after Watson was initially suspended for six games due to Sue L. Robinson’s decision. Former federal judge Robinson has been named an independent disciplinary officer by the NFL and labor unions.
reportedly may not be the season-wide suspension the league requested, but he is a five-game extension from the original decision. There are also other obstacles associated with the settlement, such as Watson having to adhere to the treatment program outlined.
The news finally puts an end to speculation about whether Watson will start for the Browns this season. Had his original suspension remained in place, Watson’s first appearance of the year would have been in Week 7 against the Ravens at his M&T Banks stadium. Instead, he will face his former team, Houston, in Week 13 against the Texans (which is certainly a coincidence). against the Browns on October 23. If Watson misses time, it will likely be Jacoby Brissett, whom the Browns signed as an emergency quarterback this offseason. to complete the depth chart.
After Watson’s first game in Houston, the Browns traveled to Cincinnati to face the Bengals and host the Ravens on December 18 in Cleveland. The Ravens have faced Watson twice in their career, both in the Lamar Jackson era. Baltimore won the two meetings and did a very good job of choking Watson. Then, in Game 2 of the 2020 season, they defeated Watson and the Texans in Houston, 33-16. Watson has had 10 sacks and 1 touchdown in his last two games. He threw two interceptions. On December 18,
the Ravens will see the Browns led by Watson for the first time. Given Watson’s ability and the talent Cleveland has on the list, he should be a formidable opponent. It could also be the beginning of a new rivalry between Jackson and Watson within the division. At least, if the reaction he got from the Jacksonville crowd last week is any indication.

As part of Thursday’s agreement, in addition to Watson’s fine, the NFL and the Browns each donated $1 million to establish a fund to help nonprofits across the country to promote sexual misconduct in “healthy relationships, It aims to educate young people about education and prevention.
Browns owners Dee Haslem and Jimmy Haslem backed Watson in a statement following news of Watson’s suspension. We await a final decision and respect the process,” Haslem said. Invest in our youth from a prevention perspective.

Immediately after the news was published on Thursday, Watson issued a statement.

Watson stated in his letter, “I’m thankful that the disciplinary process is through and incredibly appreciative of the amazing support I have received throughout my brief time with the Browns organisation. “I sincerely regret any suffering this circumstance may have brought about.I take responsibility for my decisions.
My goal moving forward will be to get better both on and off the field, and anytime I’m not with the squad, I’ll be able to support my teammates. I look forward to seeing what Cleveland has in store for me.
If the deal is fair When asked about it, Watson replied, “I keep my opinion to myself.”

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