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In the next week or so, that number may easily rise to 30, according to a couple of managers I spoke with this morning.
Is trade period going to be very high for considering free agency of trade?”
Brisbane native Daniel McStay: “Dan McStay will join Collingwood. He vanished in April. In June, Brisbane increased their offer, but it was already too late. McStay was mentally prepared to return to Melbourne, where his family lives, of course.
All signs pointed to him heading to the Pies after Collingwood presented a proposal that he liked.
“Bobby” Hill is probably with him there (Collingwood),” says Ian “Bobby” Hill (GWS).
Tim Taranto is a Richmond player who is also on Collingwood’s radar.
By the end of the week, he will decide on his course of action. GWS is currently conducting departure interviews.

‘He’ll meet Adam Kingsley,’ For the sake of showing respect, he was resolved to meet the new coach.

They have really gotten behind keeping Taranto, GWS if we’re talking about Taranto, Hopper, Hill, and Bruhn.

“Since the middle of the year, they’ve had offers for him on the table for a two-year and a four-year contract.

He is the one GWS wants to keep. We’ll just have to wait and see if he shares our enthusiasm.

Oliver Henry (Collingwood)

Ollie Henry must make a choice as well.

“Club and management are reasonably at odds on the financial aspect of this arrangement to stay at Collingwood, who have many moving parts.

Given that McStay is joining the team and Bobby Hill might also move into the front 50, Henry must decide where to play.

Ollie Henry should consider that as well. Collingwood has a large influx of new players as well as a large influx of those leaving.

Jacob hopper (GWS)

“Targeted a great distance away by Geelong.

Hopper will turn 26 in February and still has one year left on his contract, but I believe he is the player the Cats are most interested in.

Griselda Logue (Fremantle)

He was looking for a new deal from Fremantle, but one wasn’t forthcoming.

“I believe that in a perfect environment, he would prefer to continue at Fremantle, but up until this year’s beginning, Fremantle just hadn’t shown that interest.

They have positioned their bets on Luke Jackson. This had a knock-on effect where contracts were either not offered or were offered at a level that players could not accept. Their management was not pleased.

“That fits into Blake Acres’ and Griffin Logue’s baskets. Bailey Banfield hasn’t been able to close a deal there, and (Alex) Pearce’s deal was reportedly under.”

At this time, I’m unable to say where Griffin Logue will go- if anywhere – but I can say his future is uncertain.

Logan Jackson (Melbourne)

We can’t rule out the Eagles because West Coast thinks they’re still after Luke.

Fremantle is thought to be the front-runner in that situation; but, the Eagles insist they are still in the running for the WA-born truckman.

Let’s just say that Luke Jackson has passed away.

Brendan Grundy (Collingwood)

Brodie Grundy has now met several teams as a result of that, including Melbourne.

He still has five years left on that $5 million contract, too.
“Conversations are now taking place; there isn’t silence or a deadlock; there is back and forth between Josh Dunkley’s management and the Western Bulldogs.

“The Dogs are rather assured. From their perspective, it has been excruciatingly slow; they would have like to have it finished by now.

Gunston, Jack (Hawthron)

“I’ve spoken to Jack Gunston today” (Tuesday).

He is a person who must decide what he wants to do. He is a free agent at Hawthorn, of course.

They are seeking Dan McStay’s replacement. They have long since been aware that he is leaving.

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