Facebook Ads Strategy for Shopify Dropshipping

Facebook Ads Strategy for Shopify Dropshipping

In this post you will learn about Facebook Ads Strategy for Shopify Dropshipping. Read this below article carefully and understand this to put impact in real life.


In this lesson you will learn Facebook Ads Strategy for Shopify Dropshipping. By following this strategy you can run your Facebook ads properly. Our Facebook Ads Strategy for Shopify Dropshipping is full of knowledge that you want for Dropshipping business success.

Some of Ad Budget Rules to religiously follow

The size of the Ad Budget depends entirely on the price of the product. The price on which you intend to sell your product in your Store.20x The Price of the Product. It means that if you have a budget of 5000$ for a Facebook Ad Campaign then you should sell a product whose price ranges from 40$ to 60$ (On average let’s say 50$).You must have 2 to 3 killer Ad Creatives (Image or Video).

Facebook Ad Campaigns is structured like a 3 Level Pyramid

  1. On Top Level, there is a Campaign (Multiple Ad Sets)
  2. On 2nd Level, there is Ad Set (Multiple Ads)
  3. On 3rd Level, there is Ad

These 3 levels give you data of the most powerful tools such as User Data. Facebook’s algorithm will, first of all, let you group data on like Age, Gender, and Habits. By categorizing users, you will have to make groups of Users (Audience). Facebook Pixel collects this data ad provides you with raw data which later on you can filter as per the requirement as later it becomes more and more accurate.

There are 5 Different Phases to test a Facebook Ad Strategy

  • Phase 1 – Interest Testing – Test 2 creatives across multiple audiences
  • Phase 2 – Interest Scaling – Scale the working creative and audience
  • Phase 3 – LAA Test – Test different Look Like Audience
  • Phase 4 – LAA Scaling – Scale your Look Like Audience
  • Phase 5 – Execution – Test Broad Targeting and let Facebook select Audience on Autopilot

Setup Ads (Campaign Level)

Create Campaign – Switch to Quick Creation Button – Name Your Campaign “Interest Test 1” – Name Your Ad Set “Interest 1” – Name Your Ad “Creative 1”.At Campaign Level, your Main Goal should be to set a Campaign Objective “What you want out of this campaign?”.The 2 most popular Objectives are Post Engagement and Conversions.

Why should you choose “Conversions” as your Campaign Objective?

  1. Post Engagement – Likely to engage with the ads (Like, Comment, Share) – not likely to purchase – low advertisement competition (less money spent per click).
  2. Conversion – will give you a group of people who are more interested in buying your product (add to cart/purchase) – highest Ad Competition (More money spent per click) – ends with a high quality data to optimize later. Conversion Objective can even get you a sale on the 1st day of running the campaign.

CBO (Campaign level Budget Optimization)

Turning this ON will involve Facebook to select daily budgets. The Facebook algorithm will do better for a starter. CBO is better for more Expensive Products and Adset manual budget is good for Cheaper Budget. If anything is priced more than 20$ it is highly recommended to use CBO instead of Manual Ad Set Budget.Unless your total budget is more than 1000$ it is recommended to use the formula: Total Ad budget/10.

In Campaign Bid Strategy under Campaign Level, it is recommended to use “Lowest Cost”?

  1. Buying Type “Auction”
  2. Objective “Conversions”

CBO “Turned On” for the product of price greater than 20$When CBO is turned on, make sure that your Daily Budget is the Tenth of your Total Budget.Setup Ads (Ad Sets Level)The main goal in Ad Set Level is to Choose an Audience to Target.Conversions – Conversion Event – Purchase (don’t choose Add to Cart)If CBO is turned off in Campaign Level you will have to enter Manually then Daily Adset Budget.Ad Set Level Budget = (2.50 x Number of Creatives)Audience – Custom Audience (leave it for Scaling Phase for later)- Location (ePacket or T4 List of Countries preferred) – Age/Gender (Auto, let Facebook decide first to gather the data which it thinks suits us the best) – Language (English All) – Detailed Targeting (Get creative, use common sense e.g for dogs niche search dogs and choose some options which makes sense) –

Exclude People who Match (dropshipping and AliExpress, this will prevent other dropshippers to seeing your Ads) – If your remaining audience meter show less than 1 Million people, Turn On Expand your detailed targeting – Placements (Use Auto and let Facebook decide) – The more you let Facebook decide the cheaper will be your campaign.

Optimization & Delivery

Now Name your Ad Set based on your target audience.Setup Ads (Ads Setup Level)The main goal is to Upload the Photo – make sure the correct Facebook and Instagram pages are selected.Single Image or Video – Add Media – Upload your creative – use Facebook Text Overlay Tool to make sure your creative is okay as per Facebook’s policies.Primary Text: At the very start write the benefit. Later on Add Call to Action text.Headline: It’s on the bottom of the Image in Ad (Enter your Product’s Name) as it is Bold in Ad.Destination: Website – Add URL of the Product PageDisplay Link: Enter the websiteCall To Action: Shop NowTracking: Facebook PixelDuplicate the creative for the 2nd creative and leave everything else the same so you could only change the presentation of the Ad.Now go back to Ad Set Level, Duplicate it, NowNo. of Duplicate Ad Sets = 1/10th of Daily BudgetIf CBO is Turned OnThen, Total# of Ad Sets = Daily Budget/5Have a Maximum of 10 Ad Sets in your CampaignIf you want to increase testing, test more creatives instead of more audiencesReview & PublishLet the Campaign run for 2 days.

Final Words

In this post you learnt about Facebook Ads Strategy for Shopify Dropshipping. If you like this article please share with your friends and family to support our website. We wrote this article by researching on internet to find best content for you. You can find more articles like this on our website for free. We provided you some important tips regarding this topic by following them you can easily understand. If you need more information regarding Facebook Ads Strategy for Shopify Dropshipping you can ask in comments or you can contact us via contact us form available on this website. Thanks for reading and sharing.

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