How to create Dummy Listing for Amazon FBA

How to create Dummy Listing for Amazon FBA

In this post you will learn about How to create Dummy Listing for Amazon FBA. Read this below article carefully and understand this to put impact in real life.


Dummy means NOT REAL but copy. This is the listing you create in your Amazon seller central account for the first time is called Dummy Listing which becomes your actual listing when reaches Amazon warehouse in case of FBA. So, it is like actual listing. The only difference is that of time. Dummy Listing goes live after some days of inventory reaches.

When it is created?

Ans: The best time to create a dummy listing when your inventory is in manufacturing phase. Create it and alter it when needed.

Why it is created?

Ans: It is created to check Amazon’s response on your product. e.g, if your product fall in gated category, Amazon will require certain certificates to make it gated and you can arrange these certificates before your inventory reaches Amazon . Similarly for the invoices and other certificates.

Does UPC required for Dummy Listing?

Ans: Yes, you have to buy UPC for Dummy listing. Because we can’t create listing again. There is no Dummy Listing in FBM.

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