Top 3 Daraz Product Hunting Methods

Top 3 Daraz Product Hunting Methods

In this post you will learn about Top 3 Daraz Product Hunting Methods. Read this below article carefully and understand this to put impact in real life.


How to hunt a Daraz product? There are few methods to hunt a product you can apply.

Method 1:


1. Select any category you want

2. Apply 4 stars filter

3. Set price range between 100-400

4. Apply Fulfillment by daraz

5. Sourcing from Pakistan

Method 2:


You can get the idea of a product from flash sale which products are in high demand with good sales

Method 3:

“!!!!!!” SIGN METHOD:

Put !!!!!! in search bar you will find lots of products now repeat the filter method apply 4 stars, set price, FBD and Select Pakistan now go through each and every product who have good reviews.

When you find any product always try to find the correct and different keywords on which product is listed. Now apply 1 star filter to find active listings (by this you can find how many sellers sell this product)

Try to find those products who are high in demand but few sellers sell the product with good reviews through this you can easily rank your product by doing some VVROs.

Final Words

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